Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A truly autonomous system, built and developed by seasoned fintech professionals that grew tired of mediocre fraud prevention tools with unsatisfactory fraud rate results.

Reduce Chargebacks

Immediately start lowering your chargeback results with our accurate decisions.

Drive Sales

Minimize the false positives and ensure your legitimate customers a happy shopping.

Act in Realtime

Get instant decisions before the fraudsters can harm your business further.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Using Artificial Intelligence modelling the Zensed Engine is built to continually analyse and improve anti-fraud results and to monitor, react and adapt to new sources and trends in fraudulent activity. Thanks to ongoing learning and live input from global merchants we help you stay one step ahead.

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Gain insight from hundreds of datapoints

For Zensed its equally important to find the criminals as to not block any of the legitimate customers. With our hundreds of different datapoints we give an enriched insight in to the accurate decision of why our system calculates a certain percentage.

Minimize Fraud

Reduce fraud by up to 90%, save in on both operational costs and time.

Maximize Sales

Keep the false positives down to zero, maximizing the sales to drive revenue.

Relax and let us handle the time consuming task of handling fraud
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