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The founders of Zensed have long standing experience in managing high risk card programmes across the globe.

Operating these high risk multi-client gateways provides great insight into the ever moving, evolving world of the fraudster community and, despite every effort, levels of fraudulent transactions continued to rise across their platforms.

Over the years we have tried many new and promising anti-fraud tools in an attempt to compete against fraudulent activity. However the challenge of keeping within a 1% chargeback threshold was a constant battle impacting the founders card programmes in many ways; short term improvements were soon overtaken by fraudster sophistication.

At one stage chargeback levels reached 1.5% despite the use of industry recognised fraud prevention tools. This resulted in onerous restrictions on merchant accounts that hampered business growth and increased operational costs.

A different approach was needed and, with their technology background, the founders took things into their own hands and over a two year period built, validated and refined Zensed; a truly automated fraud prevention system with no reliance on human interaction.

During the two year build phase the system went through major validation and testing with high risk clients helping in the refinement of the platform features. During this period the Zensed platform handled millions of items of transaction and interaction data that facilitated the continual development of machine learning.

Zensed was bench marked against two industry leading fraud detection technology’s which were identifying c20% of fraudulent transactions that would have resulted in chargebacks. Zensed found around c60% of fraudulent transactions at the first use of the technology; this increased to c80% shortly afterwards as artificial intelligence evolved the anti-fraud modelling.

The Zensed platform was set commercially operational on 25th December 2015 with those testing clients who had helped refine the system immediately securing great benefit from using the Zensed system.

Today Zensed is a complete real-time anti-fraud solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create hundreds of rules and decision features to predict fraudulent transactions in advance.

Zensed continues to evolve, the more data it receives the more causes and patterns of fraudulent transactions it can predict and prevent.

Some of our work

  • Worked with leading banks
  • Payment gateway operations
  • Backend specialists
  • AI / ML user applications
  • Digital voucher platforms


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Where are you located?

We have headquarters in both Stockholm and London and are more than willing to meet up for a presentational meeting.

Are you hiring?

You are more than welcome to send in your CV, we are always looking for ways to expand our business and new territories to conquer.

How did Zensed start?

Being sick of the currently available fraud prevention systems we found a way to not only make it more reliable but also more precise and accurate.

Who are the founders of Zensed?

We are just two guys that have worked and founded a lot of different companies in the payment sector, that grew tired of fraudulent customers.