Fraud prevention system that learns

A different approach from traditional anti-fraud tools

Stay one step ahead

Zensed is a truly automated fraud prevention system with no reliance on human interaction. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence modelling the Zensed platform is built to continually analyse and improve anti-fraud results and to monitor, react and adapt to new sources and trends in fraudulent activity.

Our clients (merchants, payment service providers etc.) pass transaction information to Zensed using our REST API. The Zensed system uses this information and automatically cross references this data with fraud patterns and trends in the Zensed proprietary modelling platform.

Finding the criminals without blocking the good customers

For Zensed its equally important to find the criminals as to not block any of the legitimate customers. Recent studies show that companies loose equally much to fraud as to reject transactions from legitimate customers.

We at Zensed will never compromise your legitimate customers and our innovative engine will find even the smartest criminals without risking your trustworthy customers. By using our proprietary artificial intelligence engine you can prevent fraud before it happens.

Some Highlights

  • +80% reduce in fraud
  • Exclusive third-party partners
  • Stop fraud in realtime
  • Intuitive reporting
  • Maximise your revenues

How it works

Data collection

Send all the necessary customer data points to the Zensed engine, the data is enriched with hundreds of additional factors.

Zensed engine

The Zensed engine uses its artificial intelligence power to analyse all factors of the transaction to determine its risk score.

Take Action

We provide you with a highly accurate and transparent transaction prediction, you decide how to proceed with the outcome.