Minimize Fraud

The Zensed Engine will instantly reduce your current fraud ratio. Our decisions are backed up by hundreds of different data points which we give you an transparent overview of in our intuitive reporting system. You will never again have to wonder why a shopper was marked as a fraud - we tell you why.

Drive Sales

The main problem with todays fraud prevention tools is that they block too many legitimate customers (“false positives), with Zensed however we find the real separation between the good and the bad customers so that you never have to loose a legitimate customer ever again.

Reduce Operational Costs

Dealing with fraudulent customers is not an easy burden and it is usually associated with large operational costs and a lot of headaches. Not only will your operational costs drop drastically but you will also have more time focusing on different aspects to help your business grow.

Intuitive Reporting

Never again wonder why a transaction was marked as a fraud, we present you with the answer. Ease of use to search, sort, list and download your Zensed data straight to your computer.

Enriched Insights

Learn who your customers are and gain enriched insights in what separates the good ones from the
bad ones.

Smart Data

Ease of use to search, sort, list and download your Zensed data. The back office reporting system is built for your comfort.


Easy to integrate & fun to use

The Zensed product is both easy-to-integrate and has open, accessible, and easy to understand API documentation. We provide you with a new fun approach to a traditionally boring management task.

Watch in real-time how the system adapts to your inputs

The more you interact with the system - the better the results

Painless integration through our easy-to-integrate RESTful API

24/7 support, no matter what question our support are here for you